Saturday, June 4, 2011

Untitled by addickens at Garmin Connect - Details

Untitled by addickens at Garmin Connect - Details

Well, I didn't know if I would be up for a run this morning after a 42 mile bike to work round trip yesterday but after 2 cups of coffee and a trip to the bathroom:), off I went. Even before 8:30 the sun was peeking out. I selected a black T-shirt for the run since it was going in the laundry today anyhow which was not one of the brightest moves I have made in a while.

Well, its official, I am sending in the check this weekend for the John Holmes 16 M Trail run on October 8th. I think one of the challenges of this event for me will be to just get enough training miles in without injury prior to the event. My goal will be to just complete the event, I will not be in a hurry.

Next weekend we are traveling to Pompano Beach so I can get a little private Chi Running instruction from a friend that has been practicing this form of running for three years.

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