Thursday, August 25, 2011

Run before work - Thursday 8/25

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Well, this morning I actually leaped out of bed before 5 AM and was pounding the pavement shortly after 6. I did remember the headlamp today which came in handy in the dark sections. Come to think of it, all the sections were dark. I ran the same route as yesterday but in the opposite direction which I think turns out to be clockwise.

I have determined that I need to help one of the property owners on this route with their landscaping. Their palm fronds hang over the sidewalk to about waist height. One of these dark mornings in the not to distant future I plan to have a little saw with me so I can trim this palm in an appropriate manner.

I could feel the effects of back to back running days today in my legs and will take tomorrow off so I am fresh for my run with Speedster Chuck on Saturday.

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jel5010 said...

Well done run, Allan! Leaped? Jumped? I'm still not buying it. :) I've encountered some low-hanging branches during my runs and have been tempted to carry along a pair of snips with me but never do. I've seen where some runners break them off and leave them hanging as a symbol of their discontent. Please be careful running with a mini saw. I can see the headlines now: "Runner Trips Over Opossum, Impaled By Saw".