Sunday, May 20, 2012

Half Marathon Training Complete

Well, it is Sunday morning and I was able to sleep in since I didn't have a long run planned. My exercise today will be a 30 minute cross trainer session and my leg workout. Right now I am relaxing with coffee and will fit my workout in sometime before lunch. For the coming week I will either do a short run or a cross trainer workout in the morning before work. I will likely run just 3 of those days.

As I looked over my training log this morning I see that it included 305 miles running since the 1st of the year and covered 30 weeks in total. So my half marathon training got me past the half way mark in my goal of running 600 miles this year. Not only that, having set a goal way back in October 2011 of completing the 2012 Sunburst half marathon on June 2nd it gave me focus and a reason to do all the fitness related things I do other that because I should get some exercise.

So in a week we will be heading north. We will be visiting friends and family and I will take in a run in my home town as part of my birthday celebration. At this point I have to say that my training has been a huge success. Even if the race gets cancelled 2 seconds after the scheduled start time due to unfriendly storms in the area, as happened to Speedster Chuck at the recent 7 mile bridge run, I've still got 30 weeks of training in the bank that I can apply to my next goal. Speaking of which........:)

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