Sunday, July 27, 2014

Eagle Creek Trail Run - Here I come - Ready or not.

JRC - Group Run - 9.2 miles - 7-27-2014 - Details

Today was the last group run for me before my annual trip to Indiana for a run in the woods. While I didn't get as much trail running experience this year, I think I am better trained overall than last year. At this point I am most concerned with proper fueling and not going out to fast.

As for today's run, I didn't realize it until I arrived at JRC this morning that our hostess's for the morning run, Jackie and Loretta, had planned a 10 mile challenge for our enjoyment. They had been out marking the course and setting up water stops.

We had a good group of runners with many of us targeting fall marathons. In addition to Jenn training for New York and Paulo targeting Savannah there was another Chicago runner, two fellas training for the Marine Corps marathon and a young lady planning on running the Wineglass marathon in Napa Valley.

The runners stayed close enough to each other that no one was ever alone for to long and the water stops were heaven. Jackie and Loretta did such a fantastic job that I felt it only right to accompany Jackie to Starbucks for breakfast after the run. Apparently I was laughing so hard at a couple of her jokes that I didn't hear my phone ring when the Mrs. called to check on me. She knew I had stopped running over an hour earlier thanks to Garmin's new Live Track feature. I did catch her 2nd call as I pulled into the neighborhood after breakfast. No harm, no foul.

My next post will come after the Eagle Creek Trail Half Marathon next Saturday. Since I had such a miserable showing at this event last year I expect to easily beat last years time on the course.

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