Friday, July 10, 2015

Allan Running - Year to Date - 2015

When I posted last week after the 4th of July race I intended to include my mileage through the first half of the year. Just kinda forgot. So, after a quick calculation, I am happy to report that I have ran 442.64 miles so far this year. My goal for the year is 860 miles so I am pretty much on target with marathon training in front of me. I just need to stay healthy and make sure I get out there 3 or more times each week. 

Speaking of staying healthy, I indicated in my last post that I would be in Columbia, SC this weekend for the Xterra Harbison Trail Half Marathon. Well......on my way home after a stressful day at work yesterday I could tell my upper respiratory bug/issue/cold or whatever, had come back with a vengeance. I realized that a trail half marathon would be a little much if I am trying to recover from (I'm avoiding the word infection). 

I skipped dinner because I didn't feel like eating and was in bed by 7PM. I slept pretty much straight through to 7AM and then had a pretty productive 7 hours at work today. 

I thought about going to the event and dropping down to the 5K instead of the half marathon. In the end it didn't seem like a good idea to drive all the way to South Carolina and spend two nights in a hotel to run a 5K.

So, I've updated the right side bar with the removal of Xterra Harbison Trail and am now looking forward to my next event, Moon over Croom in Brooksville, FL on the evening of 8/1/2015.

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