Monday, September 5, 2011

Brutal Run-Walk to First Watch by addickens at Garmin Connect - Details

Brutal Run-Walk to First Watch by addickens at Garmin Connect - GPS Details

I checked the weather right after getting up at 6 AM this morning and found it to already be 76 degrees with a high forecast for about 91. Today's run to First Watch for breakfast turned bad fast. My first mistake was not hitting the road by 7:15 as planned, I am sure that the temperature was already above 80 by the time I got started running at nearly 8:30. My second mistake was trying to do my longest run in several months a day after 50 minute elliptical and lower body weight workouts.

By the time I hit 3 miles my legs felt heavy and fatigued. I knew I was having issues so I consumed all the energy helpers that I had brought along which wasn't much. I had another FRS energy chew (I had consumed one before leaving the house) and from Zombie Runner a Gin Gin and a Ginger Chew. I did get a little boost from these helpers but it didn't last long. By 4 miles I was basically in jog a while and walk a while mode. I thought about walking the rest of the way but thought that Deb would be sitting at a table at First Watch waiting for me so I needed to get there as soon as possible.

Jog a while walk a while basically carried me the rest of the way to First Watch. I was surprised to see the distance at just under 6 miles. I remembered it to be closer to 7 miles. I then remembered that the 7 mile distance was a little longer route out of our neighborhood to the west, south on Beneva and then east on Palmer Ranch to the trail. Going east out of our neighborhood to the trail saved me almost a mile and what a good day for it. The only problem was I had given Deb a meeting time based on the 7 mile distance and she had not yet arrived.

After a couple laps around the parking lot I finally went into First Watch for some water. When I got back to walking around the parking lot looking for Deb she pulled in with a shocked look on her face since she was expecting to beat me to our destination.

I had looked at the menu before leaving the house and was planning on having a turkey omlette. For some reason, possibly due to the wait walking around the parking lot, I ended up with basically a granola covered pancake with blueberries on the inside and sliced banana on top. To go along with this I added half of Deb's omlette and felt quite satisfied by the time I walked out of the restaurant.

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