Saturday, September 17, 2011

Saturday 9/17 - Training Run

As I headed out for a 40 minute training run shortly after 7 AM this morning I was focused on my posture and form and felt very comfortable as I made the eastbound turn out of our neighborhood behind the shops fronting on Clark Rd. Not long after I crossed Sawyer Rd. I took a look at my watch and there were a bunch of zeros looking back at me. Oh S***, I forgot to start my watch.

My first thought was, OMG, is this what being a senior citizen is going to be like?.....My second thought was, OK, maybe I will just enjoy the run and not worry about all the stats. I just kept going and completed the 40 +/- minute course that I have ran a few times recently. I did concentrate on relaxing and did enjoy the run even though I caught myself glancing at my watch a couple more times out of habit. (still zeros)

I know there is something to be said for leaving the watch at home and just enjoying the run but I have to admit I have enjoyed some of the gadgets that are now available but were unheard off when I was running 30 +/- years ago. I especially like the maps the GPS watch gives me with the little red line depicting the route I ran and indicating the calories I burned. That is when I remember to turn the watch on.

As I was winding my way around Wilshire Circle nearing the end of the run I started contemplating the Belgium waffle from Dutch Valley that was waiting for me. We had just recently figured out that they have a gluten free menu and were planning on breakfast there prior to my haircut.  I made the final turn and the finish line (my mailbox) came into view. When I got to the mailbox, I stopped my watch and slowed to a walk......

Then it dawned on me that I hadn't stopped my watch because it had never been started. I had actually started my watch at the end of my run. Now I thought, I guess this IS what being a senior citizen is going to be like.

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jel5010 said...

Nice run, Grandpa! It could be worse. Instead of forgetting to start your watch you could be forgetting your name or where you live. At that point the watch is a non issue. :)