Sunday, March 18, 2012

11 Miles & Sore Toes W/Photo - 3-18-2012

11 Miles & Sore Toes W/Photo - 3-18-2012 by addickens at Garmin Connect - Details

Well, last year when my feet were aching on the bottom I purchased the book "Fixing your Feet" by John VonHof and found it to be very informative.  The result was self foot massage which turned out to be very effective. Recently, I've been struggling with what started out as a blister on the end of the toe next to my big toe on my right foot. Not long thereafter it turned into a blister with a callous on the end of it and then a couple weeks ago progressed to a callous on top of a blood blister.  I thought I had it under control with a square of 2nd skin and taped with Micropore tape.

After today's run, as I was preparing to cut the Micropore tape off, I realized the tape had caused friction on the adjacent toe which now has a large blister on it. Also, the callous on top of the blood blister does not seem to have gotten much better.

The most obvious answer is longer shoes and when I recently bought trail shoes, I went a half size larger. The reason for the delay in my road shoes is I had an unused pair in my closet that I sent back for a half size larger and the replacement pair has not yet arrived. They are due this week.

I think the next course of action will be to treat both affected areas with Spenco 2nd skin and then tape these two toes together.  I know I am going to have to be careful not to do anything that would cause friction on additional toes or soon my entire right foot could be a blister.

I do consider today's run a success even with the toe issues. I held back a bit in the early going but finished pretty strong. I was totally soaked at the end so after cooling down a bit, I went to our shower to undress where we now have hooks to hang wet running clothes.

My goal for this week is 20 miles. After today's 11, I will take tomorrow off and then do a mini taper of 4 on Tuesday, 3 on Wednesday and 2 on Thursday which will give my legs 2 rest days before next Sundays 15K trail event NE of Tampa.

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