Friday, March 23, 2012

No chocolate milk this weekend.....

After a good 11 miler this past Sunday, I predicted a 3 day taper prior to this Sunday's 15K Trout Creek trail run. On my way to work on Tuesday morning, I had a phone call from a guy that had just arrived in Florida with 2 recumbent bikes for me to try out.

He proposed leaving them with me until the weekend so I could test ride. This seemed like to good of a deal to pass up so I met him at the house late on Tuesday when he dropped off the bikes and made arrangements for him to pick them up on Saturday morning.

On Wednesday I rode a Gold Rush Replica to work and then home and was pretty impressed. It is a nicer bike than the Sun EZ Sport I bought used but I don't think it is 5 times nicer. On Thursday night I got the Hase Tagun - Long Wheel Base - Under Seat Steering ready to ride. 

As I was showing it to one of my neighbors he noticed the 20" wheels and said "that way you don't have as far to fall". I should have known right there. This morning didn't go well. After a few miles and a few falls, I realized that I was not stable enough to ride this beast in traffic. So I walked it home. I am now alternating ice and heat on my left knee and hoping I am not to beat up in the morning.

At this point, it looks very likely that my next event will be the Sunburst Half Marathon on June 2nd.

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