Saturday, April 7, 2012

Early Saturday - 4-7-2012 and summary for the week

 Sorry, I published this post on the wrong blog the 1st time so I am now publishing it on "Allan Running".

Early Saturday - 4-7-2012 and summary for the week
After being disappointed with my run this past Sunday I got out on Tuesday and Thursday after work and also struggled to get miles in. It finally occurred to me that last Sunday's run didn't start until 9 AM when the sun was already shining and of course both nights after work it was at least 80 degrees and the sun was still high in the sky. Today I was up at 5 AM and running by 5 minutes after 6 with a head lamp on. What a difference. With rare exception, all my runs from now until next fall will have to be in the early morning.

Since I was disappointed with my mid week runs I decided to wait and post a summary for the week today. Even with frustrating results on at least 2 of my 4 runs this week I managed to get in 17 miles. The total for the week is not as bad as I feared it might be and I think it is a number that I can build on and make April a pretty good month.

I already have most of my gear laid out for weekly long run tomorrow morning and plan to be up by 5 and running before 6:30. The goal for tomorrow will be 9 miles. I wonder if I will see the Easter bunny out before 1st light.

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