Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A bloody mess................10/23/2012 - Details

A bloody mess-------------------10/23/2012 - Details

After taking yesterday off I was anxious to get my running shoes on and get some miles in today. I ran a familiar route that takes Beneve to Palmer Ranch Parkway, Palmer Ranch Parkway to McIntosh Rd., north on McIntosh to Clark and then home.

I was feeling well and everything was fine until about the 4.25 mile mark when I was squeezed over to the curb/gutter area of the road due to oncoming traffic. Unfortunately, I tripped on some road debris (wound up wire) and fell straight forward breaking my fall with my right hand. The result was really not serious but I do have a little road rash on my right palm, left knee and somehow the top of my left hand.  I suspect I may feel a little stiff and sore in other areas as well over the next week or so.

Since I am on the topic of a bloody mess, most of what I reported on Sunday about the Beach Running World Championship in Cocoa Beach was just plain wrong. Part of the problem is that I registered to run barefoot and changed my mind the week before the event. I informed the event staff on Sunday morning that I was going to run in shoes. The message that I conveyed to the event staff did not get to the scoring table and I was scored as 2nd place male among the barefoot runners.

I contacted the event management company and once the results were corrected I was actually 4th place in my age group.  I don't know if I should have collected a price as a result of my 4th place finish, I doubt it. I guess in the future I will have to consider hanging around after the event until the awards are presented.

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