Sunday, October 21, 2012

Beach Running World Championship - Cocoa Beach, FL - 10K - Details

Beach Running World Championships - Cocoa Beach, FL - 10K - Details

The 10K event started at 7:30 this morning, 15 minutes after the half marathon, as the sun rose over Cocoa Beach, FL. I mention the different start times because I believe the official results for the 10K will reflect the start time of the half marathon and be about 15 minutes longer than the actual time that was recorded by my Garmin watch.

This was the 2nd year for this running event and the crowd had grown a lot from last year. There were also quite a few barefooters in both the 10k and half marathon. The total field of about 350 runners included participants from 9 countries and 22 states.

Out hotel was about a mile south of the starting line and right along the race course. I used the 1 mile jog to the start as a warm up and walked back to the hotel after I finished running. Debbie's sister from Orlando was visiting with us and I was surprised to look over at the hotel as I was heading to the finish line and see Deb and her sister sitting in the sand taking pictures.

I did hang around the finish line long enough to see the results and found that number 5 in my age group was 9 minutes ahead of me. I still ended up with a pretty cool finisher medal and burned over 700 calories in the process. 

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