Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Much better run - 10-10-2012 - 3.15 Miles - Details

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This past week I received the November 2012 issue of Runners World magazine which contained an article by Amby Burfoot about his 50 years of running. I was so moved by this article I have now read it twice.  I do believe it has given me a new perspective of what I hope to accomplish when I lace the shoes up and head out the door. I had it in mind during today's run and I believe it had an impact.

Today I ran the same route that I ran on Monday. I intentionally took it very easy, took short steps and kept my feet under my core. I swear, I felt I was going so slow that I was almost walking, yet in the end, the pace was only 17 seconds a mile slower than yesterday.

My thoughts were and are that I would rather run for the rest of my life at a slower pace than hit a certain time goal and risk injury. Saturday will be a test of my discipline when I line up for the Phillippi Shores 7K because this is the event that I was surprised with a 5th place finish in my age group last year.

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