Thursday, March 14, 2013

Deerwood Place Out and Back - 3 miles - 3-14-2013

Deerwood Place out and back - 3 miles - 3-14-2013 by addickens at Garmin Connect - Details

This is my first run in 11 days and my first blog post since February 23rd. Life has been really hectic trying to settle into a new job, find a place to live and travel the 200 miles between Jax and Sarasota twice each weekend.

Since we have our eye on a condo at Deerwood Place, I decided to take a run tonight in the prospective new neighborhood. I parked in the Publix parking lot and started my run at the north end of the DWP condo property. The first thing I noticed was a pedestrian gate on the north end of the development that I never would have found in a car. This gate could lead to a walk to Publix on good weather days.

I headed south on Deerwood Lake Parkway and then west on Gate road. While on Gate I made a mental note of bike lanes for future reference. I noticed a couple other runners out and of course a gazillion cars. 

After my run I headed over to Tommy's pizza for dinner. I talked to Tommy about taking a gluten free pizza home for Saturday and he advised against. Before I finished my dinner he came by and said while the GF pizza would not travel well, the home made GF chocolate chip cookies and GF cheesecake would. He then presented me with one of each for the Mrs. at no charge.  That Tommy is alright!!!

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jel5010 said...

Nice run AD! I see by your quick pace that you were pretty revved up for your first run in 11 days. Great job!