Sunday, July 21, 2013

I am one with the trail, the trail is my friend. - 12.25 miles - 7/21/2013 - Details

I am one with the trail, the trail is my friend. - 12.25 miles - Details

The title of this post was also my mantra for this morning's long run. This was my last long run before the Eagle Creek Trail Half Marathon on August 3rd in Indianapolis. This mantra signals a shift in my attitude toward running trails. I remember as a younger man attacking the trail with a gonzo "balls to the wall" attitude. I would push harder on the uphills passing all those "lesser folks" who opted to walk. This invariably led to sore legs and a general beat up feeling of fatigue.

This morning I used the Galloway Run - Walk - Run method starting with a 1 minute walk break after every 8 minutes of running. If you look at the heart rate graph on the details page you can easily see a drop in my heart rate at regular intervals during the run. The drops in heart rate are the walk breaks. A little closer look and you can see that the walk breaks get a little closer together in the 2nd half of the run.

I believe my plan for Eagle Creek will be to walk the uphills which may have an effect on the timing of the walk breaks.

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jel5010 said...

Nice post and run AD! It could be a challenge to maintain your RWR method in the crowd and adrenaline of the moment. I'm sure you'll figure something out. One of the nice things about the Warrior Dash was the obstacles that made you slow down or even stop for a few minutes to get by them. We won't have that "luxury" at EC.