Wednesday, January 1, 2014

First mile of 2014 - End of 2013 Holiday Running Streak

First mile of 2014 - End of 2013 Holiday Running Streak - Details

2013 ended a few hours ago whether we were ready for 2014 or not. I got out for a 1 mile run this morning to end the 2013 holiday running streak.

According to my Garmin report, I ran 146 times during 2013 and covered 575.31 miles in just over 107 hours. My average pace was a little over 10 minutes per mile and my average heart rate was 124 beats per minute. Max HR was 195 BPM.

During the 2013 Holiday Running Streak, from Thanksgiving Day to New Years Day, I did run at least a mile every day and covered a total of 86.64 miles in just over 15 and a half hours. Pace was just over 10 MPM, average HR was 126 and max HR 195.

A noticeable change to the blog is the photo in the upper right corner. This is the photo taken right before my foot slipped and I almost fell in the drainage culvert at the Eagle Creek HM this summer. I hope that the next time I update the photo I am able to use one from an event that I had a little more respectable performance in.
I've started a list of running goals for 2014 which is displayed in the right sidebar. Still, I am really more interested in the physical and mental health benefits running provides than trying to improve my speed at any particular distance.

I've also added what I will call a bucket list of running events I would like to complete before, well, my days are over. The top of the list is the Tecumseh Trail Marathon usually held the first weekend of December. This event has been at the top of this list for several years.

Happy new year to all.

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