Sunday, December 29, 2013

Jax Bank 5K - 12-29-2013 & Holiday Run Streak Update

Jax Bank 5K - 12-29-2013 - Details

Today was the Jacksonville Bank Marathon, Half Marathon and 5K. I ran the 5K event to use as a qualifying time for the Gate River Run 15K which is held here in March. My time was 26:19 which should put me in the 3rd group, or the top 3,000 runners.

I went out way to fast with my pace approaching 7:00 MPM in the first half mile. My splits for the event were roughly 8 minutes for the first mile, 8.5 minutes for the second mile and 9 minutes for mile three. Not pretty but I accomplished my goal of finishing in under 27:00 minutes.

Strangely enough, Garmin says my heart rate was an average of 136 bpm with a max heart rate of 147 bpm. Yesterday I ran an easy 2 miles on the beach in over 10 minute pace and my heart rate was recorded as an average of 157 bpm with a max of 182 bpm.

With 2 running days left in the year Garmin says I have ran just over 572 miles in a little over 106 hours during 2013. After 33 days of the holiday running streak I have ran 82.64 miles in 14:49:46. There are 3 days left in the run streak.

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