Saturday, March 15, 2014

Gate River Run - 9.45 miles - 3-15-2014

Gate River Run - 9.45 miles - 3-15-2014 - Details

Today was my 1st Gate River Run in Jacksonville. I often thought about running this event while living in Southeast Florida but at the other end of the state, it was just to far to travel. I arrived at Everbank field very early this morning with my headlamp and two issues of Runner's World to catch up on. As the parking lots filled I was reclining in my car reading.

A little before 8:30 I headed to the starting area and got into my assigned starting corral. (think cattle) I was in the green group in wave 1 for runner numbers 2,000 to 3,000. It was interesting to see drones, I assume with cameras, hovering above the crowd. At the time I was thinking it was video feed for local news outlets. Another possibility that just came to mind in light of the bombings at last years Boston Marathon is security surveillance video. The Gate River Run has long been the USA 15K championship and several elite runners were in attendance.

I think I did very well finishing in 1:28:51 or 9:42 MPM. The first three miles I felt like I was holding myself back at a pace below 9MPM. After a porta potty stop in mile 4 I pushed on. I took a few short walk breaks in the final miles and then the climb up the green monster, also know as the Hart bridge. It felt like the time I lost going up the bridge I made up going down the other side. I placed 165th out of 467 in my age group, men aged 55 to 59.

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