Saturday, May 24, 2014

Marty's Run 5K - May 24th, 2014 - Details

Marty's Run 5K - May 24th, 2014 - Details

Well, its been a few weeks again since my last post but I have been out running with an eye on the Eagle Creek trail half marathon on August 2nd and of course the Chicago Marathon on October 12th. At the first of this month I created a training plan that covered the 23 weeks from May 4th to October 12th. So far in May I have covered 20.20 miles the week of May 4th, 15.64 miles the week of May 11th and 21.15 miles in the week that just ended.

I have been reading a book from Runner's World about marathon training and thought that I had read something about setting a treadmill at a slight decline. I tried this on Friday while wearing a shoe with a 6mm drop and ended up with two sore calves. My right calf has a slight pull but not to bad. It shouldn't affect training to much.

So this morning was Marty's Run 5K. This is my 3rd 5K in about 18 months and each one is slower than the last. I just read the words of Amby Burfoot this morning. He said that in his mid 60's he is more interested in increasing the years he can run than decreasing his time. Wise words but still, I don't like to see my times increasing.

When the race results were posted this morning I found my name on the list and saw that I came in 4th in my age group. When I confirmed that awards went to the first 3 finishers of each age group I left to get a start on my errands for the day. When I checked the official results after a little siesta this afternoon I see that I was 2nd out of 7 in my age group. I guess I should have hung around a little longer.

I do plan to skip the group run tomorrow and take the day off. The Mrs. wants to go to the outlet mall. Since Monday is a holiday I will most likely get a longish run in.

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