Sunday, July 6, 2014

Tour of UNF - 15 Miles - 7-6-2014 - Garmin Connect - Details

Tour of UNF - 15 Miles - 7-6-2014 - Garmin Connect - Details

With the temperature in the low 70's this morning I was hopeful that I could finally get a long run in past the 12 mile distance that I seem to have been stuck at the past several weeks. I met the group at Jacksonville Running Company at 6:30 AM and several of us headed toward St. Johns Town Center and the familiar Cow Tunnel under the JTB expressway. After a loop through the tunnel I broke off from the pack and turned toward UNF.

After leaving the group and taking a short restroom and water fountain break at the 24 hour CVS, I switched to the run-walk-run method with the help of a new GymBoss interval timer. My previous GymBoss just stopped working while on a recent run. Somehow during the run it bounced off the sidewalk and was never the same. Within a half mile of turning on my new timer I un-clipped it from my shirt to make sure it was working and since it and my hands were soaking wet it kind of fell to the sidewalk. This particular timer is apparently more sturdy than the previous ones I have owned because after I put it back together it kept working perfectly.

Its hard to explain just how wet I was after nearly 3 hours of running and walking. I was soaking wet well before the half way point. At the end of the run my shoes and socks were soaking wet from the sweat running down my legs. Thankfully, when I arrived back at JRC the cooler was still sitting on the sidewalk next to the front door. I sat in the shade and had a couple bottles of cold water happy to have ran 15 miles. This being my longest run since the Angry Tortoise 25K back in February.

Since I haven't posted to this blog in a while I will try to catch up a bit. I had a pretty good June with the week of June 22nd totaling just over 29 miles. Total mileage for June was 76.91. My calender says that through the first half of the year I covered 411 miles.

As the weeks go on I will continue to try to increase total weekly miles and especially the mileage of the Sunday long run. Next up is the Eagle Creek Trail Half Marathon on the west side of Indianapolis on August 2nd and then the Chicago Marathon on October 12th.

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jel5010 said...

Very nice run Allan! My guess is if you looked for reviews of the Gymboss timer there will be a lot of griping about how easily they're dropped. BTW, I do understand about the sweat factor. I've been there many times and I know exactly what it's like to be completely drenched after a run. Keep up the good work.