Sunday, June 22, 2014

Hot - Hot - Hot - 12 miles - 6-22-2014 - Details

Hot - Hot - Hot - 12 miles - 6-22-2014 - Details

I left the house shortly after 6 this morning with the intention of covering 15 miles using the run-walk-run method. Our thermometer already said 79 degrees and the humidity was reported to be 97%. After a short talk with one of the regulars at JRC I continued on toward UNF hoping to get as many miles in as possible before it got any hotter. I was soaking wet before even reaching UNF.

I did get my course right on this run. At one point I made a wrong turn but quickly caught myself and corrected the error. I had breakfast at 4:30 and took a Hammer gel before leaving the house. I was carrying two 20oz. bottles of Hammer heed and 3 more gels. Water and nutrition was not a problem, I even had more places to stop if needed. It was just to darn hot. 

I am happy to say that I finally found a headphone to use with my new phone/music player/camera so I had a nice assortment of music for the duration of my run. Once I decided my run for the day was over, I walked the last half mile or so to call it 12. Next week I will likely drop back to 10 and then shoot for 15 again on the 4th of July weekend. (maybe we will be blessed with a cold front)

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