Sunday, August 10, 2014

Sunday Long Run - 15.63 miles - 8-10-2014 - Details

Sunday Long Run - 15.63 miles - 8-10-2014 - Details

I looked at the calender last evening and counted 9 Sunday runs left before the Chicago Marathon on October 12th. This morning's run was one of the 9 and since the Sunday before the event will be a very easy run not to exceed 10 miles I've got just 7 Sunday's left for long runs before the event. At a minimum I'd like to get at least one 20 miler in but would really like to have a couple 20's and maybe a 21 or 22. Time will tell. 

My training partners and I had agreed to meet at JRC at 6 AM this morning to get an early start. I pulled in the lot at about 5:50 and found ultra marathoner Dawn's SUV in its normal place. Dawn had decided to join Jenn, Paulo and I for this mornings 16 miles. We chatted for a couple minutes before Jenn pulled up. We were getting our gear ready when I heard a comment about me learning to run light. I was carrying two 21 ounce bottles with fluid, my phone, car keys and several gel packs. 

When I was finally set and ready to go we were still missing Paulo. Since Paulo was almost a half hour early for the last run, we agreed that at nearly 6:15 he was likely not going to show this morning and got started. 

It was still dark for the first couple of miles and it felt like we got a slow start. Funny, at the end of the day the mile splits don't seem to support that feeling. For some reason at about 2 miles the pace on my watch said 12 something and I thought we were going to slow. I dropped the pace down with the intention of keeping it as close to 11 minutes per mile as possible. 

We did our usual long run tour of UNF with the intention to add a loop around the sports complex which I thought would get our 14 mile route up to 16 miles. By the time we got to the road around the sports complex I realized I was having a hard time keeping the pace as slow as 11 MPM.  Since the road around the sports complex it was closed, plan B turned out to be the Burnt Mill loop after the Cow Tunnel.    

By the time we got to the Cow Tunnel the sun was out and it was HOT. It seemed the ladies were taking turns pushing the pace and I was looking for a third water bottle. We knew that a water stop was set up at what one might call the end of the Burnt Mill loop, I was just hoping I could get there and get recharged. By now it seemed I was sweating fluid out faster than I could replenish.   

We got to the water stop just before Jackie pulled up to break it down. I poured a bottle of cold water over my head, drank a bottle full and filled the other bottle. We took off and headed for JRC but I didn't get far before I called it a day and decided to just walk it back. I think I just pushed to hard for as hot as it was so it was time for me to call it a day. At this point I am hoping for a very cold September in Jacksonville.    

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