Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Sunday Long Run - 16.10 miles - 8-17-2014 - Details

JRC Group Run - 11.10 miles - 8-17-2014 - Details

Yes, I know it is Tuesday and that I am late with this blog post. I've been really busy with all the blah, blah, blah...........OK, now that we have that over with let me tell you about my run on Sunday. 

If you have been reading any of my blog posts of late you know that I have had a hard time getting my long runs completed because of ongoing Jacksonville weather malfunctions. I won't whine but its been really, really hot. So, faced with this challenge, I came up with a plan. I think its a pretty good plan but you decide.

I've come up with a plan that I call the Outside/Inside Run or for short the Outie Innie Run. You can see in the post title that I covered 16.1 miles on Sunday. The first link above is for the JRC group run portion where I covered 11.1 miles and ended at the Brooks YMCA. Once I arrived at the YMCA I went in to the air conditioning, man was it cold, had a little snack, refilled my water bottle and headed to the treadmills. I set the treadmill on a distance target of 5 miles, turned on the music and ran at about 12 minute pace until I hit the target.

My only problem is that my new Garmin 220 has a self calibrating accelerometer, whatever that is, to track distance when GPS is turned off. I guess that since this was the first use of the 220 with GPS off maybe the  accelerometer has not had adequate time to self calibrate. So while Garmin thought I ran a little under 4 miles, I am comfortable enough with the treadmill's target feature that I edited the run distance to 5 miles which means the laps make no sense. If you look at the details page for this run you can see that the map is also screwed up.

All said, I am quite happy with my Outie Innie Run plan and have marked 16.1 miles on my training calender for this past Sunday. I could have gone to the JRC Your Pie run this evening and once again tried to enjoy a sunny 90 degree run; however, Jacksonville's weather forecast is predicting a 76 degree overnight low and I have my alarm set for 4:30 AM.:)

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Dawn said...

Glad your plan worked well and you got all your miles in! We missed you at Your Pie last night...it was super hot! You shooting for 20 miles this week?