Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Happy Mullet Beach Run - 11.5 miles - 9-14-2014 - Details

The Happy Mullet Beach Run - 11.5 miles - Details

The title of this post, The Happy Mullet Beach Run was one of a couple I was considering. I went with the Happy Mullet because I like a positive title as opposed to one with negative connotations.  

I did feel like something a bit different this week and reached out to Bobby who I hadn't seen in weeks and proposed a point to point run on the beach. Bobby agreed late in the week. We agreed to meet at the finish point, Mickler's Landing Beach Park, at 6 AM to drop off a car. The two of us then rode north to Atlantic Blvd., I think in Neptune Beach, which was the starting point. 

I had visions of running to Mickler's, refilling water bottles and then doing 2.5 miles out and 2.5 back for a total of 16.5. While I enjoyed the all beach run, I was ready to stop with 11.5 miles upon arrival at Mickler's.  

The alternate title that I was considering was Bread Binge Beach Run. I arrived for the run feeling bloated like I was carrying an extra 25 or 30 pounds right in the tummy. I realized during this uncomfortable run that I've just been overdoing it with the bread. I know I haven't gained a bunch of weight because I weigh myself every Monday. It just feels like it.

I remarked to Bobby that I am glad I figured it out now instead of on marathon morning in Chicago. 

I did choose the Happy Mullet title because Bobby made one of the little fellas pretty happy about 10 miles into the run. We were running along and all of a sudden Bobby said there was a fish flopping around on the beach. Off goes Bobby in the direction of the beached mullet. I could see that a bird had snatched the fish out of the water and before the bird got very far, the fish wiggled out of its beak. Unfortunately, the fish was 10 feet inland of the ocean. Bobby scooped him up, ran down to the water and turned him loose. 

Afterward I told Bobby I had been feeling pretty sorry for the fish flopping around on the sand until he rescued it. He said he was sorry for the sea gull that was now going without a meal. That was the extent of our wildlife sightings. Really pretty unexciting considering recent events.

Earlier this week a bear apparently wandered out of one of the nearby conservation areas, took a stroll on the beach and chose a garden at the Costa Verano condominium for a nap. This turned into a below average day for the bear but caused plenty of excitement for local news outlets and Costa Verano unit owners.  

Even thought the bear was rudely awakened from a perfectly good nap, he fared much better than the whale that washed ashore on Tuesday. He was sick, apparently in part from plastic debris in his stomach and had to be euthanized. 

So I am now 4 weeks out from marathon Sunday in Chicago. I bought throw away hooded sweatshirt and warm up pants for the possibility of a cold marathon morning from the Goodwill this week. I've also started packing other items and working on a packing list. 

I'm pretty sure my right leg pain is a tight IT band but will do a little internet self diagnosis to confirm my suspicions. The likely prescription will be foam rolling and stretching. I will try to do 2 or 3 cross training sessions a week but will not run for at least 2 or 3 weeks so the soft tissue inflammation can heal. 

Hopefully by the next time you hear from me I will have conquered the to much bread issue, healed my sore right leg and stretched my IT band to the point that I can run 26.2 in Chicago on October 12th.

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