Sunday, September 7, 2014

Rainbow Run - 18.25 miles - 9-7-2014 - Details

Rainbow Run - 18.25 miles - 9-7-2014 - Details

We finally had a cloudy and overcast morning here in NE Florida which was a welcome reprieve for those of us training for a fall marathon, or longer. I met Dawn and Jenn at Jacksonville Running Company at 6 AM and we were running by 6:15. 

You can see from the map on the details page that we were out to UNF again but turned north on Kernan Blvd. this week and did a little out and back up to Beach Blvd. This section was a nice wide paved multi use trail that Jenn had ran last week. Getting to Beach Blvd. opens up many interesting route possibilities, including Jax Beach, but we opted for turning around and heading to the UNF transportation center where we got to compete with a bunch of scrawny cross country for the restrooms and water fountains. Aren't they supposed to be out running somewhere?

After leaving UNF we headed west toward JRC since our target was around 13 miles. While heading west on UNF Drive, just before reaching I-295, we were rewarded with a very nice rainbow view. Dawn pointed out that there was actually a second very faint rainbow kind of behind the first one, and then a little later that a look to the left offered a view of the other end of the same rainbow. I added that if we had been in our homes sleeping in, we would have missed the view and also mentioned how observant Dawn is. Rainbow view to follow.

After going under I-295 we were running west on Town Center Pkwy toward the turn for the Cow Tunnel which we hit on almost every run. Today though, we passed the tunnel by and continued west to Gate Parkway, where we ran into 3 other members of our group who were running a different route as a virtual half marathon for Marathon High.

As Jenn and I pressed on, Dawn checked on the virtual runners. So did they really run or not? As we approached JRC, and nearly 14 miles of running, it was still overcast and I was feeling good enough that I stopped just long enough to fill my water bottle and then head in the direction of Gate Pkwy. I had already concluded that today was the day to push a bit for a longer run even though my right leg was starting to get a little tender on the outside a few inches below the knee.

Not long after leaving JRC, I was heading north on Deer Lake Dr. and crossed paths with Dawn as she was heading South toward our starting point. A mere 15 or 20 feet later I noticed a wad, a small wad but still a wad, of paper money laying on the sidewalk. I'm glad I was the observant one when it really mattered.:) If anyone reading this lost any money on that section of sidewalk this morning, just give me a fairly accurate description of what was lost and if it matches the small wad that I picked up, it is yours.

You can see on the map that I tacked on the loop around Belfort to Touchton and ended at home soaking wet with 18.25 miles. This week I remembered the plastic bag for my phone which I carried in my new SPIBelt. I bought the SPIBelt with the larger pocket and will use it in Chicago for my phone and a few other essentials that I hope to have along. Gels, cash, room key and Starbuck's card.:)

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