Sunday, August 31, 2014

JRC Group Run - Pompano Beach, FL - 8.8 miles - 8-31-2014 - Details

JRC Group Run - Pompano Beach, FL - 8.8 miles - 8-31-2014 - Details

The Mrs. and I are in SE Florida this weekend. I realize the title may be a little confusing so please let me explain.

As we were driving south on I-95 Friday morning we made a necessary stop at a rest stop somewhere east of Orlando. As we were walking back to the car I see a guy that looks familiar. As I am looking at him, he is looking at me. Finally I said, Paulo ?, he said Allan ?. I believe, next he said what an amazing coincidence.

He was on his way to Pompano Beach to visit his daughter. I made a brief introduction and then Paulo and I chatted long enough to agree on a 6:30 AM Sunday run at the Pompano Air Park. Since we originally met at the JRC group runs I am considering today's run a satellite location of the Jacksonville Running Company Sunday Group Run. 

After Paulo and I set a time for a Sunday run I reached out to Speedster Chuck. He was happy to join us and didn't seem to mind the slow pace for what was his longest run since March. Chuck and I ended up with 8.8 miles after 2 laps of the air park. Since Paulo ran a mile to the air park and a mile back to his starting point he should have had 10.8.

The good news for me is a week off seems to have given my legs the rest they needed. I completed the run with no real problems. Now I need to ease back into my training regime, build my mileage back up and try to get 2 or 3 more long runs in before a couple weeks of taper before the trip to Chicago.    

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