Sunday, June 14, 2015

JRC - Group Run - Sunday 6-14-2015 - 8.80 miles - Details

JRC - Group Run - Sunday 6-14-2015 - 8.80 miles - Details

I went out to the Jacksonville Running Company group run this morning with the hope that I would have a good run but a little unsure since I've been nursing a pull of the soleus muscle in my left calf for a week or so. Since I was able to run 2 very easy miles on the treadmill at the YMCA yesterday my plan was to give the 3 mile loop a try. My thought being that if I had any pain after 3 miles I was done for the day.

We took it nice and easy and included a one minute Galloway walk break after every 4 minutes of running. As I ran along with Jackie and Dawn I guess we were discussing aches, pains and injuries. Finally Jackie blurted out that she thought runners were into S&M. This gave us a good laugh as we plodded along through humidity almost thick enough to cut with a knife.

When we got back to our starting point we found a late arrival, Meredith, waiting around for someone to run with. My left soleus was not giving me any problems and since Meredith had not run with the group before, Dawn and I escorted her around the 3 mile loop. Now it was really getting hot.

After 6 miles I was thrilled to be having my best run in a few weeks. I took a short break, filled my water bottle and then headed out for another lap by myself. I ended the day with 8.80 miles in just a bit over an hour and a half. I have the Xterra Harbison Trail half marathon in Columbia, SC in 4 weeks from today. The Harbison Trail half could take me close to 3 hours to complete so I will be working on increasing distance and time over the next couple weeks.

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