Saturday, June 6, 2015

Jax Beach - 5 miles - 6-6-2015 - Details

Jax Beach - 5 miles - 6-6-2015 - Details

I returned to Jax Beach for my Saturday run today. Since it was nearly 9 AM when I got started the sun was already bearing down. I took it nice and easy, greeting other runners and walkers and taking in the sights.

As I neared the turn around I came upon the gathering for the annual Never-Quit beach run which I understand also includes a paddle board competition.

As I was heading south I passed an Asian family under the pier. The young girl was placing flowers in the sand to form letters. After I made the turn and headed back north, I got to the pier and saw that she was done placing the flowers. I took a look and couldn't make sense of it. 

Thinking that the flowers she arranged in the sand might have some enlightening message that I wouldn't want to miss I stopped and asked the meaning of the arrangement of flowers. She smiled and informed me that it was her name. Here she is with the view of her name from the correct angle.

So I got the 5 miles in with just a little tightness in my left calf. This seems to happen every so often. I will get the heel lifts out for my shoes to take the strain off the achilles and be a little more careful about stretching.

The Sunday morning group run has moved to the 6:30 AM starting time for the summer so I will be out early tomorrow.

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