Friday, January 1, 2016

Goodbye 2015 - Hello 2016

Neighborhood Loop - 4.25 miles - 1-1-2016 - Details

Well, the curtain has closed on another year of running. I started the year with just a couple goals. The first goal was to run 860 miles. After a quick tabulation it looks like I only managed to run 840.31 miles. I now kind of regret some of those trips to the stair climber but they were for a purpose at the time. The second goal was to complete a full marathon. I picked the Tecumseh Trail and happened to attempt it on an 80 degree day. I had some stomach issues and dropped out shortly after half way. 

As I sit here and reflect on a year of running where I failed to accomplish either of just 2 goals, I am filled with gratitude that I am healthy enough to get out and run 840 miles which I am sure enriches my life in many ways. I am also grateful that I was able to travel to central Indiana in October and spend a day in the woods enjoying nature. While my backwoods experience was a little more complete than I had planned, sometimes these things happen. The next time I attempt Tecumseh, I'll pack some TP. 

I'm going to stick with just 2 goals for 2016. I've increased my mileage goal to 900 just to keep it interesting and will leave the marathon goal at 1. I do have the local Donna marathon scheduled for the middle of February. I will just have to see how the condensed training goes. I've got a couple half marathons and a 30K scheduled before then. If I don't think I am ready for 26 by race day I can always drop down to the half.

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