Saturday, October 15, 2011

Weber & Dickens in the money at Phillippi Shores

Phillippi Shores 7K by addickens at Garmin Connect - Details

Well, Speedster Chuck was passing through town today to attend the funeral of a  high school friend, so we ran the Phillippi Shores 7K at Phillippi Shores International school here in Sarasota. In case you are wondering why a 7K. Well, its to recognize the 7 continents of the world. I guess maybe a geography teacher was on the race committee. On the way to the starting line, SC said goodbye, both of us knowing I wouldn't see him again until I got to the finish line.

I did manage to shuffle across the finish line 40 minutes after the start and found Chuck looking relaxed and well rested. Normally after an event like this, I grab a bottle of water and head to my car to get on with my day. Since Chuck is fast enough to be concerned about the awards ceremony this is where the grueling part of this event began. We stood around and waited 90 minutes for them to get to the geezer age group awards. As we expected, they announced that Chuck W. was 1st in the 55 to 59 age group with a time of 28 minutes and change. Some guy behind us was saying Whoaaaa as Chuck headed up to get his award. As he was ushered away to have his picture taken, I followed so I could get a picture with my personal camera. As I was going by the announcer, I heard him say "and in 5th place, A. Dickens".

I just want to point out here that there are 6 award winners in this photo and since I was in 5th place, that means I beat one of the dudes in this photo.  Maybe next year I will beat 2 since SC has a birthday coming up in March and he will move to the next age group. What comes after geezer, geriatric? In case you are wondering, the Speedster has the large custom made glass award and the rest of us have little wood chip awards.

This event almost turned into a formal affair with Chuck falling in love several times. For a while I thought I might be a best man on the way to lunch, unfortunately his pick up line, Do you want to go to a funeral with me this afternoon?, did not have a lot of success.   

Well, I guess I may have to start paying a little more attention to my running. I've heard that if you live long enough and keep running sooner or later you will get some awards. I think it helps to pick events with awards 6 deep in each age group.:)

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jel5010 said...

Nice job on the 5th place award, AD! I just checked your numbers at GC and you ran the first 2 miles at a sub 9 pace. Excellent! With SC out of the age group next year you'll be a shoe-in for the big medal. :)