Sunday, November 13, 2011

Run to Turtle Beach by addickens at Garmin Connect - Details

Run to Turtle Beach by addickens at Garmin Connect - Details

This run was my long run for the week and I intended it to be 8 miles. I actually slept in a bit today and got kind of a late start. I changed my route after I crossed the draw bridge to Siesta Key and saw that the traffic was all backed up in the right hand turn lane. I had intended to turn right and go north for a ways before turning back and heading south to Turtle Beach. I turned left instead and headed south away from the traffic jam. I could have gone a little farther when I got to Turtle beach and still had an 8 mile run but was ready to stop and felt that 7.3o would do it for today.

After I stopped running, I found Deb pulling into a parking space facing the ocean so I grabbed a towel and water and we walked on the beach for a ways. Judging by the traffic on the beach, it appears that at least the first couple flocks of snow birds have arrived. There will be more to come over the next 6 weeks.

By going to Turtle Beach at the south end of Siesta Key, we managed to avoid the traffic from the local sand sculpting contest. This is apparently a big deal type of competition with some of the sand sculpting artists able to live off the proceeds of traveling to sand sculpting contests. Who knew?

I picked up a few gel packs on the weekend with 3 being the Power Bar brand. One with no caffeine, one with 1X caffeine and the final with 2X caffeine. For today's run, I started with an FRS energy chew and FRS powder in my water bottle as usual. I consumed the Power Bar gel with no caffeine at about the half way mark. I did seem to get an energy lift for the 2nd half of the run but have had and uneasy stomach all afternoon. So I will see how it goes with the next 2 Power Bar gels. If I continue to have stomach issues, I will assume it is the Power Bar gel.