Sunday, December 25, 2011

9 Merry Miles on Christmas Morning by addickens at Garmin Connect - Details

9 Merry Miles on Christmas Morning by addickens at Garmin Connect - Details

Good morning and Happy Holiday. Since today is a holiday, I have added a couple names to the distribution list that I don't want to bother with endless blather about my running on a regular basis. I figure anyone can handle endless blather a couple times a year. Click the title for a link to the Garmin stats for this run.

OK, lets get the nipple talk out of the way early. I recently found some very old Bandaid dots in my dopp kit, so old that the wrappers were yellowed. Non runners may not know that the bloody nipple dilemma is often solved by these very handy dots. Since I don't like to waste items even as small and inexpensive as a Bandaid dot, I applied a couple of these very old dots before today's run. After the run today, as I was undressing in the garage, I noticed the right side of my shirt, from nipple height down, now had a reddish hue. I knew right away that the dot on the right side had slipped off. When I got my shirt off, the dot on the right side was about 4 inches below my nipple, sticking to my stomach. The dot on the left side was about 5 inches below my left nipple, sticking to my stomach, upside down. After seeing the location of the dots, Debbie suggested that maybe I should consider disposing of the remaining dots with yellowed wrappers.

When I got up this morning at about 6:45 to begin "preparations" for today's run, our thermometer said the outside temperature was 67 degrees. By the time I headed out at 8:15 it had warmed up to 69.8. For the route today, I stitched together parts of a couple other routes to come up with a 9 miler. I had a few grapes while stretching before the run and as usual, an FRS energy chew before taking off. During the run I consumed a couple Clif Shot Blocks and a Power Bar energy gel. I also emptied the Camelbak Podium bottle that rides along in the pack at the small of my back. Traffic was very light on the roads but I did see about 6 other runners, one with a stocking hat on. There was also the usual assortment of dog and fitness walkers. By the time I got home, my socks were pretty wet from the sweat running down my legs.

Santa arrived at our home while I was out running and was very good to me this year. The first package I opened contained a pair of Road Runner Sports Pro Velocity Super Fly 5" shorts in the Blue Ink/Steel color scheme. WOW, just what I wanted. The second package had a Camelbak Delaney DC hydration pack inside. OH BOY, I really wanted one of these. This pack carries twice as much fluid as my other pack plus has a couple gel flasks and a nifty zippered pocket. I guess Santa wants my butt out there on the roads and trails.

Well, since the end of this run, I have had my breakfast, another cup of coffee and about 72 oz of water. I am starting to feel pretty much back to normal. I think the next project will be to help Deb rest her eyes, either before or after lunch.

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jel5010 said...

Excellent, excellent, excellent run AD!!!! Speaking from experience with bloody nipples I can say I've tried about everything. The band-aids never worked for me similar to the way they failed you. Petroleum jelly never worked because it always dissipated after a couple of miles. My two best solutions are to run shirtless or use the Under Armour compression t-shirts; which prevent friction.

Those shorts Santa brought look very comfortable. Did you notice the model was barefoot? Coincidence? Hmmmm! :)

If Santa arrived after your run then you obviously didn't test out your new Camelbak. Let me know how it works.