Sunday, December 11, 2011

Honre to Beneva Loop - 8 miles - Really !!! by addickens at Garmin Connect - Details

Honore to Beneva Loop - 8 miles - Really !!! by addickens at Garmin Connect - Details

Well, the alarm was set for 5:55 this morning so I could get up and get out early for my run. I wanted to get as many of the planned 8 miles in as early as possible before the sun came up. I am not sure what time it was when I headed out the 1st time but I got out to the front of the garage and when I turned my watch to training mode and started searching for GPS satellites I immediately got a low battery notification. Darn. Since it really is still cool enough to run later in the day, I decided to charge the watch before taking off and took it inside to plug into the charger.

I concluded this would be a good time to continue with my project of getting x-mas lights on the palm tree in our front yard. I got 3 100 light strands of white lights wrapped around the trunk and the 2 100 light strands of green lights that we were able to find snaked around some the palm fronds. By the time I was out of lights, we could tell we would need more green lights and my watch had charged to 47% which would be enough for today's run.

I ran a new route, although a variation of one covered many times before. I headed east on Clark Rd. to the turn for the Publix on Honore then came back along McIntosh and Palmer Ranch to Beneva. Now, the last couple times I used the Garmin, it was telling me that the lap database was almost full and that I should delete some of the older stored laps. Well, wouldn't you know it, at 4 miles into today's run and all the way through to the end, the display said lap data base full. I had no idea exactly how far I had run but knew I would need to add a short out and back section along Gulf Gate to get to the 8 miles. The last half of the run I had no information about heart rate, distance or pace. This was unnerving for a while but I just kept trucking along with the idea of trying to get the planned 8 miles in and knowing that when I stopped, I might have no information about the total at all.

When I got home and stopped my watch, I was pleased to see a total distance of 8.14 miles and a total time of 1:21 displayed. I thought maybe the last half of the run might be displayed as one lap but that is not the case. The GPS map shows the actual route and the total time is correct but all other information is either wrong or suspect. I am going to have to get out the Garmin manual and figure out how to delete laps. After riding home from work on Friday with the darn watch telling me to delete old laps, I said to Deb, wouldn't you think the watch would be smart enough to just delete the old laps as needed to add the new ones. Apparently not.

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