Friday, December 23, 2011

Speedwork ??? 12-23-2011 by addickens at Garmin Connect - Details

Speedwork ??? 12-23-2011 by addickens at Garmin Connect - Details

Today's workout according to my Smart Coach training plan called for speedwork which was to consist of a mile warm up, the next mile at 8:17, a half mile jog to cool down and then another mile at 8:17 followed by another half mile jog cool down totaling 4 miles. Since the lap around our neighborhood is about 95 hundredths of a mile I thought it might be a good route for this type of workout and stayed in the neighborhood for this run treating it kind of like a track workout.

Since I am still deficient in using the lap timing functions of my Garmin watch I decided to do a mile jog after the 2nd mile at the speed work pace followed by mile #4 again at the speedwork pace and hoped to then do a 5th mile as a cool down. During mile #2, I checked my pace at one point and could tell it was somewhere in the vicinity of 7:15 so I backed off just a bit. I finished mile #2 pretty strong but was certainly ready for the cool down jog. When it came time for mile #4 I could tell it would not be as strong a mile as #2. I dropped the pace down but could tell it was not near as quick as the previous mile at speedwork pace. When I did a watch check during this mile the pace was in the vicinity of 9:00 MPM. By this time I had made the decision not to add on a 5th mile.

After getting in late last night today's run didn't get started until after 10:30 when the sun was already high in the sky. The total time for mile #2 was right where I wanted it to be but at least part of this mile was at a much quicker pace. I am sure mile #4 could have been quicker but I didn't push it hard enough. I guess I needed Kara or Shalane along to give me a push. Maybe next time.

Since I screwed up the link to this photo in the earlier post I decided to edit the original post and just add the photo of a couple of my running buddies.:)

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jel5010 said...

Nicely done, AD! You smoked mile 2. Keep up the good training regimen and soon you'll smoke mile 4 as well. Speaking of smokin', Kara rocks!

BTW, your link worked fine from my email of your post.