Sunday, January 8, 2012

10 Miles - Sunday - 1-8-2012 by addickens at Garmin Connect - Details

10 Miles - Sunday - 1-8-2012 by addickens at Garmin Connect - Details

When I left the house shortly after 9 AM today it was still near 60 degrees. About as close to perfect running weather I will see. This was my first run since last Monday when I took a trip over the Ringling bridge to St. Armand's Circle and back. I also managed to squeeze in a couple of cross trainer workouts during the week.

When I was preparing for today's run I was a little unsure of what to eat if anything before the run. I settled on about 4 oz. of plain yogurt with fruit and ground flax seed mixed in. The thing that I didn't factor into that decision was the fact that I had done a pretty good job of calorie restriction during the week. I did wear my new Camelbak Delaney DC hydration pack with one bottle of plain water and one bottle with water mixed with FRS energy drink powder. I needed every bit of fluid. I also had an FRS energy chew before starting, a Clif Shot Block at about 25 minutes and a Power Bar gel packet at about 50 minutes.

As I have been doing lately, I switched to heart rate view at about 2 miles and adjusted pace to keep my heart rate below, at first, 135, and towards the end of the run, 140. This was a very difficult, yet interesting run. By 3 miles I could feel my legs getting heavy. My average pace at 10:02 MPM is a tad slower than usual yet my average heart rate at 135 was a tad higher than usual. My maximum heart rate at 173 is quite a bit higher than what it has been lately.

Unfortunately, for some unknown reason, my Garmin page is not displaying the nifty map or charts that are usually displayed. I am glad that the total time and distance is saved but will have to troubleshoot this problem before my next long run.

If you look at the splits you will see that mile 8 was nearly 11 minutes per mile. By this time I was out of fluid and not sure I would be able to finish the run. I turned the volume up on my MP3 to tune out the negative self talk and instead of thinking about how far I had to go, considered the time left to run which sounded more palatable. OK, only 18 minutes left. I got through the last 2 miles 1 minute at a time and when finished, felt like I had really accomplished something.

My post run breakfast consisted of egg whites with cheese and salsa. I have been reading smoothie recipes lately and after breakfast made a strawberry banana smoothie said to be a good post run recovery drink. This smoothie consisted of 1 cup of frozen banana slices, 1 cup almond milk and a rounded scoop of strawberry flavored whey protein powder. yum yum yum This was a very refreshing drink but at 285 calories will be reserved for long run days.

I have 3 more runs scheduled for this week, a couple 2 mile easy runs and a 5 mile tempo run. The week total should be 19 miles.

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jel5010 said...

Way to go Allan! What an awesome run. Great job on pushing through and getting in the final 2 miles. Too bad about the Garmin Connect charts not displaying. Hopefully you can get that resolved in short order.