Saturday, January 21, 2012

New Training Partner - 3 Miles - 1-21-2012 by addickens at Garmin Connect - Details

New Training Partner - 3 Miles - 1-21-2012 by addickens at Garmin Connect - Details

My new training partner is actually the virtual partner feature built into my Garmin watch. I started fiddling around with it for my long run this past Sunday. I set it to the long run target pace which was just over 10 MPM but I didn't know how to access it during the run. I happened on it by chance during one of my other runs this week so now I know enough to get to the screen during a run.

When I left the house today, I wanted to get my 3 miles in but didn't want to run hard enough that my legs would feel it tomorrow when I have my long run scheduled. It was 67 degrees when I walked out to the driveway to get underway but I stalled for a minute because I had not planned where to run. I settled on an out and back route and took off.

I switched to the virtual partner page and could see that I was ahead of my partner by 6 seconds shortly after starting the run. For this run I was using the VP to keep me from going to hard so I tried not to build to much of a lead. Every time I built up a lead of 10 seconds I would slow down to reduce the lead. After about two and a half miles I started to wonder what the display would look like if I was behind trying to catch up. I slowed intentionally and when I got behind the VP (time wise) the display changed to a black line with the time difference instead of white.

I wanted to learn how to use the VP feature of the watch thinking that I might be able to use it when doing tempo runs or speedwork. Of course, I can also see myself using it for long runs or during an event. I also made progress this week getting my new Apple iPod shuffle set up.

My mileage this week totaled 20.40 in over 3 hours of running with a reported calorie burn of 2,254.

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