Sunday, February 26, 2012

11 Mile Neighborhood Run - 2-26-2012 by addickens at Garmin Connect - Details

11 Mile Neighborhood Run - 2-26-2012 by addickens at Garmin Connect - Details

I was intending to run at the Celery Fields park again this morning but hadn't quite figured out how to get a long run in without doing laps so I opted instead for a 10 mile run around the neighborhood. I planned to run the same 10 mile route I have run recently but in the opposite direction. As I headed north on Beneva Rd. I kind of got lost in my thoughts and before I knew it I had passed my left turn onto Austin Street. I knew I could get to the north end of Red Bug Slough from Proctor Rd. which was only a block away so I resolved myself to a little longer run than I had planned.

Recently I have been watching my heart rate and slowing down or holding myself back a bit when it got higher than say 135 or 140. I just felt really good today and while I held back a little, I didn't look at my heart rate once. I just ran at a comfortable pace that I thought I could sustain. I could have cut the distance to a lot closer to the planned 10 miles with a couple small variations but since I was feeling good, I opted for a variation that extended the distance a little so I could hit 11 for the run.

Now, several hours after finishing the run, with a meal in my belly and an afternoon nap behind me, I feel no issues from going a little longer than planned for the day. I have 7 more miles planned for the week and 3 more runs. I will likely end up with 3 easy runs consisting of 2 miles twice and one 3 miler.

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