Saturday, April 14, 2012

Shark's Tooth 10K - 4-14-2012 and week's summary

Shark's Tooth 10K - 4-14-2012 - by addickens at Garmin Connect - Details

At this morning's Shark's Tooth 10K in Venice, FL I used the virtual partner feature on my Garmin 410 to aid in pacing. I set the VP pace at 8:50 MPM which is the target pace I would like to maintain at the Sunburst HM in June this summer.

Due to the crowd size I was behind my partner for several seconds almost from the start. It took almost the entire 1st mile to catch up and take the lead by a few seconds. Once I took the lead I adjusted my pace to hold the lead but not get to far ahead. This resulted in me holding myself back for miles 2 and 3 and then pushing a little in miles 5 and 6.

I am happy to report that my overall pace for the event was 8:49, right where I wanted it to be. Whether I could have kept this pace up over 13 miles is still a question. The Sunburst course has some hills to contend with so I am hoping for a morning with low temperature and humidity in South Bend.

Now this was a classy event with appropriate recovery beverages. Here I am with the event T-shirt on enjoying my 1st serving of chocolate milk.

In addition to appropriate recovery beverages this event also had door prizes and my name was pulled for a pair of inov-8 RocLite 285 shoes.

This is a minimalist shoe with only a 6mm drop from heal to toe. I've been wanting to try a more minimal shoe but with budget constraints, just couldn't justify the expense. The price was right for this pair so the time is now. In the photo below you can compare to the shoe I am currently wearing.

So in addition to my long run on Sunday, I got out for 3 on Tuesday morning and 2 on Friday morning. Add in today's 10K and my mileage for the week is 20.82. Quite a good week. BTW, when you click on the link for the details of today's run did you happen to notice that the red line depicting today's route seems to form the shape of a Shark's Tooth, the name of the event?

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