Sunday, April 15, 2012

Tax Day - 11 Miles - 4-15-2012 by addickens at Garmin Connect - Details

Tax Day - 11 Miles - 4-15-2012 by addickens at Garmin Connect - Details

Shortly after I headed out on my weekly long run this morning I could feel some soreness in my inner thighs which reminded me of the effort expended yesterday in the Shark's Tooth 10K. I knew before I started out that a long run after a hard run violated the principle of balance that says a hard run should be balanced by an easy run and a long run balanced by a short run. However, since Sunday is the only day I have time to fit in a long run, I pushed forward with the hope I would be able to get in the planned 11 miles with no adverse affects. I also knew that I could shorten the distance with route modifications later in the run if need be.

The thigh soreness passed after a short while and the run went really well. While the second half of the run took about 4 minutes longer than the 1st half, I still had enough gas in the tank to make mile 11 the fastest mile of the run.

The Shark's Tooth 10K official results and photos can be found on this page. I was really surprised when I checked this morning and found that I had placed #5 out of 20 runners in my age group and 200th out of 699 overall.  The event organizer had stated that awards were based on gun time not chip time but I didn't worry about awards since I was just trying to hit 8:50 MPM based on my Garmin watch time.  I'm sure I could have shaved off a couple minutes had I paid more attention and started closer to the front. BTW, as I write this, the photos are still not posted. They should show up soon. I don't know what the photo search will be like but I was bib #250 and had on a solid yellow shirt. 

So, after pushing a little hard this weekend, I plan to take it real easy the rest of the week and not exceed the total mileage from last week.


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