Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sunday Long Run - 4-22-2012 by addickens at Garmin Connect - Details

Sunday Long Run - 4-22-2012 by addickens at Garmin Connect - Details

I was up at 5 this morning to get ready for my weekly long run. I was actually hoping to be running by 6:15 or so but that didn't quite happen. When I was in the bathroom I could hear light rain hitting the skylight and thought that it might be a good day to get a little longer effort in. I quickly consulted Google maps and figured out a way to extend the course at the end of the run if I felt up to it.

My morning fueling consisted of a toasted 100 calorie sandwich thin with about 2 tablespoons of Wow Butter, 1/2 banana and a small packet of honey. For during the run, I had my usual FRS energy chew before starting, Clif Shot Blocks and Hammer energy gel for during the run.  In my water bottles, one was plain water as usual. In the other, instead of the usual FRS powder drink mix I tried 2 honey packets, a few shakes of salt and 3 squirts of MiOENERGY water enhancer in the black cherry flavor. 

I did extend the run at the end and it turns out the extension adds about a mile which is what I was looking for. Unfortunately, at about 10.5 miles I started feeling like I had my moneys worth for the day. At 10.68 I threw in the towel and walked home. I spent the next hour beating myself up for not getting in at least 11 instead of being happy for the 10.68 that I did finish. (at a little quicker pace that my recent long runs)

I now know the route for my next shot at 12 miles which will come on May 6th. On that day I will stick to the during the run fueling that I have had success with in the past and be on the road before the light (and heat) of the day.

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