Wednesday, September 26, 2012

CTH Day - #19 - Cranky Pants to Happy Pants - 30 minutes - Details

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If you were talking to Deb she would tell you that I woke up today with my cranky pants on. My only comment would be, in reference to the exit door from the ND football team's locker room, I didn't feel up to playing like a champion today. I knew I had to do something.

So, after a cup of tea and a little fruit I suited up and hit the elliptical trainer in the lanai. Since I took it easy yesterday I thought I should push a bit today so after a 2 minute warm up I pumped up the resistance and incline and pushed on.

I got a pretty good workout in. According to Garmin I burned 103 calories more than in the same amount of time in yesterday's easy effort. The important thing though is that in a short amount of time I changed from cranky pants to happy pants. I feel better and I am sure Deb appreciates it.

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