Sunday, September 16, 2012

CTH - Day #9 - 60 minutes

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On this past Friday I followed the suggestion of one of my advisers and gave my legs a day of rest. My only exercise on Friday was the Carl Sandburg stretches. On Saturday I was heading to the cross trainer and when I turned on my Garmin it said the battery was low. I took this as a sign from my higher power that another day of rest was needed. Exercise was limited to the Sandburg stretches for a second day.

Since today is long run day, I knew I had to get some cardio in so I did my stretching, 60 minutes on the cross trainer and then my leg workout. All in all a pretty good workout.

I'm have been really itching to go out for a run. When I am out and I see someone running along on the sidewalk, I look at them and wish it was me. I am starting to wonder if I can go 30 days without a run.  I mean, I really don't know if I needed a whole 30 days off. Maybe 28 days will be good enough, or maybe even 21 days. Heck, that's a whole 3 weeks.

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jel5010 said...

Way to go AD! 60 minutes of CTH with leg workouts and stretches! I can understand your desire to get back to running. Our weather has been gorgeous around here and the fitness trails have been loaded with runners, walkers and bikers. With my new shoes that temptation to start back a little sooner than planned is overwhelming.