Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Jax Riverfront - 5 miles - 2-20-2013 by addickens at Garmin Connect - Details

Jax Riverfront - 5 miles - 2-20-2013 by addickens at Garmin Connect - Details

I was very happy to be able to fit in a run after work today. After leaving work at 4PM I changed clothes and headed east to the Jacksonville riverfront. I hit the riverwalk at 1.25 miles from my office and headed northeast to the Main street bridge which is a nice blue color.

The first photo is the view to the north right after I picked up the riverwalk on the north side of the interstate.

The pedestrian trail seems to go right under the Acosta bridge. On the south side of the bridge is a straight ramp and on the north side is a kind of spiral ramp. The first photo shows the view down the ramp on the south side. The second photo shows the spiral ramp on the north side.

It looks like there are some facilities for cyclists in the area of the spiral ramp. As I headed north I came upon a a downtown development with an assortment of restaurants.

The blue Main street bridge can be seen in this photo. I turned at the bridge and headed back to my office since I had forgotten my badge and realized that the gate around the facility closes to the public at 6PM.

It looks like I will only get 3 running days this week, one reason I didn't want to miss tonight.  Hopefully by this weekend I will get the mileage total reported below up to date.

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jel5010 said...

Nice run AD! It looks like a beautiful area. Thanks for sharing the pictures. I noticed your afternoon temps were in the mid 60s. Very comfortable.