Sunday, September 22, 2013

JRC - Group Run - 6.8 miles - 9/22/2013 - Details

JRC - Group Run - 6.8 miles - 9/22/2013 - Details

I left the house this morning a little before 7 AM while a light rain was falling. I wasn't sure if I would get a run in with the threat of heavier rain but showed up at Jacksonville Running Company and found several folks milling around anticipating the opportunity to go for a run. A little after 7 Bobby took another look at the weather and said it would be fine. Sure enough it was.

I was glad to be there because I got a chance to explore a slight variation to a course that we run on a regular basis. I got in 6.8 miles in a little over an hour and had a pretty good day as a result. By now I am pretty well organized for the coming week and have a little time to relax before I hit the sheets.

Last week turned into a pretty decent week with 8 on Sunday, 3.5 before work on Tuesday and 5.3 after work on Thursday. I ended up with 16.9 miles for the week. I will try to get in somewhere between 17 and 20 next week and then cut back a bit the following week for the Marine Corps Half Marathon on 10/5.

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jel5010 said...

Nice job on getting in your miles Allan! I hope to be back there with you soon.