Saturday, October 5, 2013

Jax Marine Corps Half Marathon - 10/5/2013 - Details

Jax Marine Corps Half Marathon - 10/5/2013 - Details

After I moved to Jacksonville earlier this year, I talked to a few local people about half marathon events and more than once was told that the Marine Corps Half Marathon in the fall was one of the best in town. I thought I should give it a try so this morning I showed up shortly after 6AM for a 7AM start.

I fully intended to use Galloway styled walk breaks throughout the event and had located a partner from the JRC Sunday group runs that has been in the Galloway training group here since May. While it felt really odd to take a walk break within the first mile, I know the premise it to take the walk breaks early and often to extend distance. My partner for this event was Dawn and she had her Gym Boss timer set for two and a half minute run intervals and 30 second walk intervals.

This was my longest run in about 6 weeks and while my legs were a little fatigued and sore at the end it was really quite enjoyable. Without pushing to hard, I was able to get in over 13 miles and burn almost 1,200 calories. Plus, I got a nifty finisher medal and another T shirt. Just what I needed.:)

I am taking tomorrow as a rest day and will be back on my regular schedule starting Monday. I will run with the JRC group next Sunday and then, due to some surgery on October 15th, will be off for an undetermined amount of time for recovery. Thankfully, the doctor had the sense to tell me to use my own best judgement about when to resume exercising.

I've made the decision to skip the USA Beach Running championship half marathon in Cocoa Beach on October 27th due to my surgery so my next event will be the Native Sun 5K Mandarin Run on November 9th which I hope is quick enough for a good qualifying time for the Gate River Run next March. 

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