Sunday, October 27, 2013

JRC - Post Surgery - Almost Walking - 3 miles - 10-27-2013 - Details

JRC - Post Surgery - Almost Walking - 3 miles - 10-27-2013 - Details

Well, when I had prostrate surgery on the 15th of this month, I had a small issue during recovery that caused the doctors in attendance to suggest that I have a consultation with the cardiology department. This consultation is scheduled for Friday of next week which will be November 1st.

Being just a little spooked from the issue during recovery, I went to the running group this morning under orders to take it easy. Also, I'm not supposed to start running until 2 weeks after surgery which is next Tuesday.

When I got to Jacksonville Running Company this morning I announced that I was still convalescing from surgery and would be with the walking group. This was really swell because I got to chit chat with one of the ladies I had not talked with much before. Like so many, she is using running to jump start a weight loss program which I can certainly understand. When she started running a couple months ago, it was so tough she couldn't talk while running. Today she is a regular chatterbox which she sees as progress, rightfully so. When we parted ways at the end of the run, I gave her a verbal pat on the back and some encouragement to keep at it.

For me, the doctor said that when I start back, if I see blood in my urine it will mean that I have overdone it. So I will be watchful as I ease back into my routine of exercise before work during the coming week.

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