Saturday, November 23, 2013

Jax Beach - 4.45 Miles - 11-23-2013 - Details

Jax Beach - 4.45 Miles - 11-23-2013 - Details

Another little run at Jax Beach this morning. I ended up taking off last Sunday due to rain at the time of the JRC group run. At the time I was kind of bummed out about it but I kind of figured that maybe I needed the rest.

I did have a pretty good weight work out on Friday morning and ended up going a little quicker this morning than I had planned and I am happy to report no pink urine as a result of either workout.

I do think I am pretty much back at it but have almost resolved myself to the half marathon at 26.2 with Donna in February. Then again, I think Donna is at the end of the month. Time will tell.

Tomorrow I will go to the JRC group run and shoot for 6 miles at about 11 MPM pace.

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jel5010 said...

Nice run, Allan! I assume you used the r-w-r method but it's hard for me to be certain. Your HR blips are minimal.