Saturday, November 9, 2013

Mandarin Run - 5K - 11-9-2013 - Details

Mandarin Run - 5K - 11-9-2013 - Details

This morning was the Mandarin Run 5K in the Mandarin section of Jacksonville. When I signed up for this run I intended to use it as a qualifier for the Gate River run next March and wanted to try to hit a time somewhere around 26:00. Since I had surgery on the 15th of last month and my last run, about a week and a half ago, resulted in blood in my urine, my time goal for this morning was to not run any quicker than 12 minutes per mile.

If you look at the details page you will see that I managed to keep my time above 12 minutes per mile. I also identified this run as a special event because my urine was normal in color all day today. Yea !!!

Running in the back of the pack gave me the opportunity to offer words of encouragement to the runners that really have to work to complete the event. The non athletes. I spoke with 2 young men, both of which were slogging along in the 5K and both with a significant amount of weight to lose. As I talked with them and shared a bit of my history, I found that one had already lost 100 pounds and the other 140.

Now these 2 young men looked like sprinters compared to the young woman behind them with a metal crutch in both hands. This young lady appeared to have a disabling structural defect or disease and I gave her a "good job comment" as I ran by heading back to the start. She did have a smile on her face and appreciated the comment. The smile was nearly ear to ear as she finished possibly her first 5K in 62 minutes.

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jel5010 said...

Nice run Allan! and congratulations on the normal urine stream. Glad to see you back in the game. I hadn't realized this was an organized run for you today. Running at the back of the pack sounds like a great way to meet some interesting folks and very inspiring. Good for you for chatting with these fellow runners and getting their stories.