Sunday, April 13, 2014

JRC Group Road Run - 6.9 miles - Sunday - 4-12-2014 - Details

JRC Group Road Run - 6.9 miles - Sunday - 4-12-2014 - Details

My training for the August 2nd, 2014 - Eagle Creek Trail Half Marathon on the very hilly trails of Eagle Creek park west of Indianapolis started this month and I am sorry to report that the first full week of training that ended yesterday showed a total of just 14.87miles.

I hope to run 3 days a week during this month and of course increase my weekly mileage. This morning at the Jacksonville Running Company group road run I met James who is a co-worker of a Beth, a regular at the Sunday morning run. The 3 of us took off shooting for 7 or 8 miles. James is quicker than Bethand I so he relaxed and enjoyed the scenery while Beth and I got a good workout.

The three of us ran through the cow tunnel and took the Burnt Mill option on the return to end at 6.90 miles. While we slowed a bit on the final couple of milesthe first 4 miles seemed quicker than what the clock is reporting. Forthe past few months I have been running a very social pace and notpushing myself. To get quicker I need to run with others quicker than me so I suggested to James that he come back and run with the group from time to time.

After we finished the run I was cooling off with a bottle of water and heard that Chris with JRC, the trail run leader, is moving to St. Petersburg to open the St. Petersburg Running Company store that will be affiliated with JRC. The new trail run leader is a female ultra runner named, get this, Bambi. The trail run was starting in 30 minutes at UNF so..... how could I pass up an opportunity to run through the woods with Bambi? I drove out to UNF for my second group run of the morning. At the UNF trails I did the 2.8 mile loop shown on this garmin detail report.

I ended the day with a total of 9.75 miles and felt like I had a good workout.

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