Friday, August 22, 2014

Friday Morning - New Route - 7.8 miles - 8-22-2014

Friday Morning - New Route - 7.8 miles - 8-22-2014 - Details

I've been wanting to try out this double loop for a few weeks now and finally got to the Y early enough on a workday to give it a go this morning. The southern loop is the usual Gate Parkway to Burnt Mill. This morning I traversed Burnt Mill right after the school bus had picked up the zombies.

On the northern loop I took Town Center Parkway out to the Publix and then headed south behind the Publix, Target and Dick's Sporting Goods and then west to the familiar Cow Tunnel.

I really intended this to be a slow easy run not any quicker than 11 MPM. I felt really good and every time I looked at my watch I was going faster than planned. Heading to bed early tonight. I hope to be running on the beach by 6 tomorrow morning. 

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